I'm Mark, 36, married, and with a little girl who is my pride and joy. I have been playing WoW since vanilla, and started properly raiding in Wrath. I have met some great people along the way, as well as some not so great people, and some right weirdo's.​​

Back when I was a young whipper snapper I played rugby for the North of England under 16's, and was a county sprinter under 14's and 16's doing the 200m.

I served as a Police Officer for 4 years 363 days, not that I was counting, before realising that the job was a bag of dicks. I am currently studying my Law degree with the Open University.

I like black pudding and beef jerky, and can drink anyone under the table.

I am an avid Newcastle supporter, but can't get to the games as much as I would like these days. Fuck the Southampton nonces!

I am one of the GMs of Digital Doom. It was nice to meet you.
CLASEAL (CO-GM - Semi-retired)
I'm Ant, the other GM of Digital Doom. I live with my girlfriend and beautiful daughter, Charlotte, in Lincolnshire. 

I have been playing since TBC, where I mainly did PvP. I found Mark at the end of Cataclysm, when I recognised his name as being the top hunter on the server, and we've been together ever since.

I have played a range of classes and specs, from tanking on Warrior to healing on a Paladin. Now I am maining Rogue and loving it.

I have a ride on lawn mower, and a private bridge to my house. Now, I better go see to my potatoes in my green house.
Kon’nichiwa, Darshan desu! =3 As you might’ve guessed by that and the photo…i like to watch anime and often draw some characters with Illustrator aswell. I’ve studied lvl 3 DTP (DeskTop Publishing), still looking for a job in that branche. I started playing since WotLK, started raiding during wrath Naxx as a scrubby Blood DPS DK, now a fully fledged raider and last year i found my forever guild, when i was pugging, it didn’t take long to transfer to Draenor.  
Hello! My name is Laura and I love healing. After 11 years of resto druid I decided to check if the grass is greener on the other side and guess what, discipline priest is pretty fun. I quit mythic raiding some time ago in favour of my studies and found a new home in DD where I can casually spam my heals and not worry about grinding AP. Because of this I aced my bachelors degree in English Language with Lit while living in the UK and am now back in the Netherlands to do a research master and become a computational linguist (this literally means doing linguistics with a pc). I'm currently learning how to code useful things!

Next to playing Warcraft, I enjoy lots of different rpgs. I've played most Final Fantasy games and Nier Automata is currently laying around till I find some time to play it. I also love reading, espeically science fiction of all sorts and every once in a while I'll watch a scifi series, either normal format or anime, because good scifi is hard to come by (looking at you star trek discovery).

Ahoy mateys! My name is Juraj and im from Croatia. Since my real name is too hard to pronounce for Ant (probably for every1 else too), he named me Jeff back at the start of the Legion expansion when i joined a guild on Ravencrest where i met most of the ppl from this guild as a friend of Andrija ( Bob ), and the nickname has stuck till now. I started playing back in WoTLk through cata and came back to wow when Legion was released. My main in wotlk was retri/holy paladin , in cata i switched to hunter and now my main is frost DK.

I am currently studying IT and will hopefully finish it next year. For my job i outsource as a Video content editor, and occasionally make websites.

My hobbies are playing WoW, Pubg and sometimes Rust.

Hi! I’m Boy (Yes, that’s actually my name! :P). I’m 25 years old and I live in Holland. I recently graduated from college. At the minute I am working full time as a System Administrator.
I’ve been playing WoW since Vanilla, but really started to be active in Mists of Pandaria. In this expansion I also started to raid actively and I have been a raid leader from time to time.
I’ve always loved playing video games, so that’s my number one hobby. I also really like to watch sports, like cycling & football. Recently I also started to enjoy participating in sports aswell in the form of group training like BodyPump.
Besides that I really enjoy watching series and movies!
I guess that’s about it for me! Oh yeah, I am the left one on the picture haha. The little one is my niece of almost 3 years old!
Hey, my name is Roman, commonly known to my WoW friends as Floro and sometimes as Nyerika. I come from a wonderful land of Belarus, which many people confuse with Russia (total blasphemy... or not). Long time ago I used to be a promising graduate who majored in applied mathematics, but these days, like all the promising graduates, I'm slowly wasting away playing WoW and working on my brother's big IT project.

Outside of those dull things I enjoy drawing, hiking, reading comics (mostly manga) and playing bass with my other aging office-working friends. Yay, life is beautiful! ^^


I'm Chris, 32, engaged (fml its almost over) from sunny Torquay in Devon. I'm a mechanical engineer and I have worked in all areas of automotive and aerospace manufacturing.

A few years ago I solo'd my boss, popped all my CD's and pots during the last 20%. It was a tough fight but the execute phase was swift. It didn't drop any loot straight away, so I put in a ticket and 9 months later I received my legendary son!

I started playing WoW in vanilla, raided throught BC to Cata, then took an extended break to sow my oats! Needless to say time passed, I grew up and settled down with family and returned for Legion. I have always played DPS warrior, Arms or Fury its all good to me. Seriously I try everything else, but warrior DPS is all I like!

As for real hobbies, I love my cars and bikes and have a little collection. I used to semi pro thai box, and enjoyed MMA and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Since an injury in 2018, I had to stop competing and I only train and mentor now. Love my F1 and Liverpool till I die! 
Helloes! I'm Natalia but you can call me Nat, I'm level 32 and chilean living in Sweden for almost all my life. I have three cats (Yes three!) Neo, Kiara and Twister, the silly trio or the cat maffia.

To provide for these huligans I work at the hospital as a Biomedical laboratory Scientist. Other than that I go training several days of the week to different les mills workouts or spend my time slacking playing games at home or at my besties sowing some nerdy clothes, when I'm not home I'm usually in England visting my boyfriend that I met in WoW during MoP :)

 I've been playing since vanilla just after release date in europe when my big brother gave me his 10day guestpass and i got stuck, went to try and find a sold out game was a difficult quest but I completed it! I've raided pretty much since I hit level 60 (which took me about 6months cos I got stuck in WSG at level 50 for AGES!) and my first raid was 15man UBRS! After I got a taste for raiding I was totally hooked and I was pretty hardcore, sametime I did BG's pretty much all the time to get the cheap mount on rank 11! I played on a PvP server as horde (troll arms warrior) and I was pretty mean to alliance, kill on sight so to speak ^^ I was one of our MT/DPS in vanilla and TBC and then I swiched to Priest healer on Wrath and cata, and then mage from MoP till now when I'm gonna give Druid a go.

I took a longer break in cata but I did play and raided some mythic then too before I stopped and came back for MoP where I started playing alliance, my best friend that I met first year of uni just before release of WoLK played alliance on the server I ended up on and I joined a guild meet in Stockholm with them peoples, it was great fun! But now most have stopped and stopped raiding so I'm back to horde, I feel whole again! And I'm ready for BfA!
That's pretty much me nice to meet you all!

Ay its ya Boi! The Almighty Singing Sensation.. aka Joe aka Scott. I live in Stockport near Manchester and I'm currently going to be studying in Computing and Networking. I've played wow since TBC mainly playing healers ranging from Shaman to Hpally and Rdruid. Finally in legion I'm able to be on a dps and glad to help out. I'm an avid Pvp'r and am up for chilling on League or some M+. Otherwise I'm learning piano and Am the superior mage 1 to Darshan. Otherwise peace out thats all folks

Cormac: English / Irish. Never been in the same room as Cromlol, coincidence? I don't think so. Mystery? Maybe. Hotel? Trivago

Helloo i'm Steve, Wrath of the Shit King. I’m 26 years old and I live in England.

I have been playing WoW since mid way through vanilla, started properly raiding in WotLK and raid leaded in Ulduar and ICC.

I took a break after WotLK through cata and MoP, returning in WoD because i was studying history at Winchester University where i found my love for Doritos and custard creams.

I returned to WoD to play with some old friends who went back to the game but unfortunately they quit towards the end of the expansion. In legion i met Mark who always helped me with WQs coz i so shit i couldn't solo them.

Been playing with the core of Digital Doom most of Legion and had an amazing time doing so even became a meme. 'why you dead this time?'Hope you all have my book!

Recently started playing balance druid for BFA but played hunter(kaspur) most the expansion.

I try to read up on everything in the game to become 'an expert' to help people out with any information they need in game #WoWWiki.

Outside WoW i play LoL, draw characters from cartoons/games/ect, watch movies and work in KFC (gotta love that finger lickin' chicken).

Right thats about it.... that would work has the legendary Doritos

Hi! My name is Andrija (25) (Andrew) but you know me as Bob, Bob-o or Boberino (ask Ant and Steve why, I honestly don’t know). I hail from Croatia, and am currently enrolled in college here. My major is in agriculture and business which is going pretty well for the moment.
I like innapropriate jokes and dislike the PC culture (not computers).

I played wow on and off since vanilla, however i got seriously hooked during Wrath, and have been playing continuously bar 2 major breaks (SoO and ToS). I started raiding properly relatively late in my WoW career (ToT) but have kept at it ever since, no matter how shit I may be. I was your Bear for Antorus, however I will be a DPS warrior in BfA.

Favourite wow stuff:
Zone - Grizzly Hills
Raid - BRF
Boss - Lei Shen HC
Race - HM Tauren
Character - Varian
Warchief - Garrosh


Im Sstriken or just Strik.
I'm 4.............9 in August, live in the north of Essex and as you can see from my photo I am an avid follower of Chelsea FC.
The pic was from my jaunt to Madrid last season to watch us play Athletico Madrid.
I've been playing computer games since around the age of 14, so a number of years now lol, and have very fond memories of Manic Miner on my ZX Spectrum 48k.
I started playing WoW during Vanilla after a number of years playing FPS games, my favourite being Counterstirke, which I used to admin on Blueyonder servers.
I kept hearing these tales of players fighting over mining nodes etc and had absolutly no idea wtf they were talking about until eventually giving it a look, and have been totally hooked since.
I started playing a Warrior which is still at level 60 and decked out in full Blackwing lair gear, before moving on to a Hunter which I stuck with for quite a while before moving onto my currrent Char a all my years of wow I have never played a healer.

Outside of gaming which is probably what I spend most of my leisure time doing and of course going to home and away Chelsea games as much as I can I am also a massive fan of MMA, UFC in particular.
I work within the railway maintenance industry as a delivery manager for the Anglia region, so if your train is delayed in the East of England due to overunning engineering works then its probably my fault lol.

WoW has been a very big expense over the years as I also have 2 kids, now grown up, that I got into playing so had to have 3 PCs for us all to play on lol, but luckily they are now grown up and can buy their own.

I'm not the chattiest of people, unless I've had a whiskey or 2 :D 

 I'm Simon, and I've been raiding with this guild since Nighthold. I'm mainly a healer, but I'll also switch to dps if the raid needs it. I've been playing wow on and of since vanilla, but i didn't start raiding until WoD. Best expansion! Am I right... (crickets)...

A friend of mine saw that I played wow and asked if i wanted to join their raiding team before WoD and they needed a healer so resto druid became my main. Now i have mained that druid for two hole expansions and i want to try something new and that is going to be as a paladin.

IRL I'm 25 years old and live in Denmark. I work as a Laboratory technician for a company that produces different chemical food ingredients. I went to university in Aarhus and got a bachelor degree in chemistry.

​​Hey my name is Goran ,age 23 , i live in Croatia working full time as CNC - machinist... my hobbys are WoW and airsoft .. im new to the guild and mediocre player but always glad to help someone

Hello, my name is Panos, I'm 38yo and I'm from Greece. I'm playing wow since the bc days back in 2007 and I'm in love with my undead affliction warlock. My approach to the game is mostly casual but I also enjoy the competitive side of raiding.

Irl I love Greek food (duh), rock and metal music,photography,sports (panathinaikos fan) movies and gaming.I am married (no kids yet) and I'm working at the port that connects the historical island of Salamis (where I live) with the rest of Athens and Attica in general.

P.s. For sonny I will always be Russian....putin da vodka.

Hello from Russia =)) 33 age old guy, fan of Fantasy and RPG. DnD geek\GM. Hate vodka