Hello guildies and future guildies. Below are some simple rules which we shall all be following in order to make the guild both a pleasent environment to be in, and also a place where come raid time we can knuckle down and get shit done. We are by no means hardcore, and will not be imposing any ridiculous Vanilla-esque style rules. But they will still be rules nonetheless.


We are mostly grown ups in the guild, with families and kids. We all swear, some more than others. We all make rude jokes. We all like to have a laugh. But with that, comes a few simple rules.

1. Do not bully people.

2. Do not harrass people.

3. Do not bring the guild into disrepute.

4. Do not spam guild chat.

5. Do not harrass the Officers/GMs with mundane crap.

6. Be nice. We were all new and inexperienced once.


Whilst we are not aiming for server first, we are laying down some ground rules to make life of the Officers/Raid Leaders a bit easier.

Our raid days and times are as follows:

Wednesday and Thursday 2000hrs - 2300hrs

Sunday 2000hrs - 2300hrs - This night will be mainly focused on the Kill Team during progression.

1. Raid invitations will be up well in advance on the guild calender. Make sure you check it and get signed up. Don't log on at 1945hrs without signing up and expect and invite.

2. When signing up, do not sign as tentative. If anyone signs as tentative, you will automatically be marked as "out". Tenative is frustrating for planning, and neither use nor ornament. You are either coming, or your not.

3. Invites will start at 1945hrs. Make sure you are logged on and ready to go for then. We will start clearing trash, and pulling the boss at 2000hrs. Do not be late.

4. As gear is now forced Personal Loot, we can not force you to give loot to anyone else. But please consider your guildies, if you are keeping a ring or trinket as a spare for off spec, could someone else benefit from it? But, do not message other guildies "do you need that?". If an item is up for grabs, they will let one of the raid leaders know, and it they will sort it out. Be fair with loot.

5. Be gemmed and enchanted. Bring flasks, food and potions. We can help you, but you also have to help yourself. Don't turn up to a raid without them, as you could be holding us back.

6. Keep voice chat to a minimum during raid bosses, moreso during progress. It may very well be true that your nan make the best dumplings in the West Midlands, but really, we don't care. If you talk over the top of us when we are trying to explain tactics, or just generally with shit during the encounter, we will either just mute you, or remove you.

7. You may be asked to sit out for an entire raid, or for a boss from time to time. This is nothing personal, but there will be a reason for it. e.g. Too many sign ups, you're not healing enough or your DPS is too low.

8. The Kill Team has always featured in our guild, and it is an effective way to get the guild progress and experience until we are in a position to help get other through the content. The key word here being help. We will not be boosting and carrying you if you're shite. Maybe everyone will be good enough, but if you don't make the Kill Team on Sundays, don't be disheartened, work harder, and get better.

9. When we are on the position to have a go at Mythic, we are limited to 20 players in the raid. Do not be disappointed if you do not make the team.