Horde Raiding Guild
Draenor - EU


We are currently raiding 3 nights a week. Wed, Thurs and Sun. 8pm - 11pm Server time. Our progress in BoD is currently 3/9 Mythic, and 2/2 Heroic in CoS. The Mythic+ Team is always looking for more to push high keys.


Recruitment is open. We are looking to fill a few gaps in the raid team, we had a bit of slack and a few unreliable members, so need to fill the gaps. We welcome you to get in touch. Please feel free to fill out an enquiry form in the "contact us" section.


We have a good laugh together and put that at the forefront of the guild, toxicity is not tolerated.
DD 3rd annual meet up is arranged, and we have 12 members of the guild travelling to Nottingham UK in May!


  1. Experienced Raiders
    A lot of us have been raiding for many years, in many environments, from casual to hardcore pushing realm first. But a lot of water has gone under the bridge since those days, and we're just happy to stroll through content now at a leisurely pace.
  2. Play What You Want
    It's your £10 a month, so you have to be happy. So we encourage you to play the class and spec you want! As long as you're not a total bag of dicks of course.
  3. Friendly Leadership
    We want to be approachable with any problems you might have, and we're here to help as best we can. We're people like you with families and everyday shit going on.
  4. Other WoW Activities
    With Mythic Plus becoming more popular, we are starting to push for a competitive team and looking to build on this for BfA.


  1. GM/Admin
    Hairynackers (Stockers#21592) - Been playing since Vanilla, Ranged DPS until mid MoP and tanking ever since. Newcastle supporter, The King In The North.
  2. GM/Raid Leader
    Vadika (Sangara#2597) - Playing since TBC, played all sorts of classes and specs... to this day, still doesn't have a main! Much to the annoyance of guildies! Leicester supporter since they won the league.
  3. Officer/Raid Leader
    Darshan (Xaladraf#2279) - Joined us when the guild was set up, he's been instrumental in it's day to day running. Also seems to think he's the guild stud, but let me tell you, he's not.
  4. Officer/Admin
    Jeff - He's pretty shit. But a good back up member to the officer team, manages the guild Twitter account and discord, and helps maintain the website.
  1. Healing Officer
    Nhira - The bad ass bitch who don't take no shit from no one! She joined us with Rick the Dick, who was out of his depth with us, but she hung around. A talented healer with her head screwed on and will keep Simon in line!